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"Blooming-joint exhibition of emerging metalwork artists" at Gold Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan


Metal craft went through a transformation in Taiwan after the 1980s due to initiatives in the academic system, which fostered a new generation of artists working in metal. They created works using multi-media and employed a wide range of techniques to express their ideas. Take jewelry for example. Contemporary jewelry makers do not necessarily follow the convention of using precious metal (such as gold and silver), or precious stones (such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, etc.). Instead, they use iron, copper, stainless steel, textiles, clay etc. In terms of techniques, they follow traditional methods, like carving, lacing, and enamel and so on, but they also use industrial laser cutting, electro-casting, and anodizing treatment.
The exhibition presents six young artists who have embraced international contemporary metalwork art and expressed their ideas in a spirited manner. Their works provide a glimpse of the contemporary creative results of Taiwan’s young generation of metalwork artists.

Venue:Gold Museum, New Taipei City Government

Participated artists:
CHEN, Yu-Chun
WU, Shu-Lin
CHIANG, Mei-Fang
LEE, Heng
CHEN, Ying-Hsiu
CHAO, Yung-Huei